About Us

The Guides

Wolfsong Adventures was started by John and Mary Thiel in 1997.  They are seasoned outdoor adventurers who love to share their lifestyle and experiences, and have over 25 years of experience working with sled dogs.  With the expansion of their outdoor adventure stores in Bayfield in 2018 the time was right to pass the torch on to our longtime guide & kennel manager, Jen Dale.  Jen grew up mushing and has worked with Wolfsong since 2009.  She lives just down the road from the Thiels and has created some awesome new trails in the neighborhood.  The Wolfsong dogs are all still together in their happy new home and trips will continue to be the same amazing adventures they’ve always been!

Chris Dale (Jen’s brother-in-law) joined the team in 2011 and is a great addition with his calm nature and can-do-anything abilities! They have all mushed thousands of miles and trained hundreds of new mushers. This experience has proven that small group sizes, well trained, happy dogs and good trails are the components of a great mushing program.

The Setting

Nestled in the hills overlooking Lake Superior in Bayfield County, Wisconsin is Wolfsong, Adventures in Mushing. “The best dogsledding trails in the Lower 48″ extend right from the kennel out into the remote hilly terrain of the Bayfield Peninsula, home of the Apostle Islands Dogsled Race. With an average of 150” of snow, we have good conditions from Christmas through late March every year.

The Mushing

Why does Wolfsong have the best trips in the business? Why does over half of our business come from return guests each year? Small group sizes for the most hands-on experience, great trails, and well-trained, happy dogs. For some, helping harness the dogs and riding in the sled is enough. Others want to learn everything they can about mushing and driving their own team. Everyone has a different reason for coming, and our trips satisfy them all.