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Dog Bios

a dog sitting on a rock

Diablo- Siberian Husky

Hello there, nice to meet you I’m Diablo. Don’t let my name fool you, I am far from evil, but can be mischievous at times. I only like to run in Lead position and in my younger years I insisted on being the lead dog on the very first team. If I wasn’t put into that position I often would purposely take new mushers down different trails just to show my owner my displeasure. I am the best lead dog at the kennel and as I get older I’ve become the trainer of new leaders. I take this role very seriously and do my best to teach the other dogs how to follow commands even sometimes grabbing them by their ruff to put them back into place. I’ll let you in on a little secret too, I am the oldest dog still running (almost 13!) but I bet you would never ever guess that!

My papa’s name was Green Eggs and Ham, so my litter theme was “Egg Dishes!” My full name is Deviled Eggs, but I go by Diablo for short.

I also am the mother of the Rock and Roll Litter here at Wolfsong. Their names are Meatloaf, Blondie, and Frank Zappa. (yes, that’s right, Frank…I blame his personality all on his father, Eiger)