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How it Works

Here’s how a trip works:

  • We can take up to 6 sleds.
  • Every trip — regardless of the size — will have two of our guides leading the trip. The lead guide is the front sled and can carry a passenger. The other guide is the very last sled and can also carry a passenger. The other 4 sleds are driven by guests alone. Passengers ride with guides only. Guides take bigger teams to pull this weight.
  • If everyone in the group is willing to drive, then everyone takes turns riding and driving if your group has maxed out the sleds. If you are smaller than the maximum group size, then no one may need to ride. No matter the size, we can only take 2 adult riders (or 4 children) during any trip. If your group has more guests that require riding, then your group will need to split up and go on multiple trips.
  • If your group size is bigger than 6 adults, please call us and we can discuss options to get everyone out.

Where We Go: 

Often we travel from our kennel to other trailheads as we run in the Bayfield County Forest, and some years there is too much logging activity that block the trails that we can run from our kennel. The dogs also like variety so we often move where we run each trip. Regardless of where we are running the dogs we will meet at our kennel. Traveling to a different trailhead does not cut into total trip time as we have a very efficient “trucking” system.

Every trip includes meeting and loving up with the dogs, feeding/watering the dogs, learning how to drive a dogsled, harnessing and hooking up the dogs. Then we take off on the trail and mush for the remainder of the time. Often small groups take less time to prepare and we may get back earlier, but time mushing on the trail is always the same length.

Once returning to the trailhead, we then unhook and unharness the dogs and give them a snack and say goodbye.

More questions? Visit our FAQ Page